As most of you are already aware, some of our members have shown a strong interest in mission editing.  First, let me say that is GREAT news!  In an effort to both encourage it and facilitate their play, I have made changes on the AA server to allow us to play these.  We have also opened up an FTP port to allow members to upload their files to the server.  If you need to get access, hit up

With these changes have come additional improvements – admins will no longer have the ability to bypass the password on the protected channel – this is to help with the immersion on missions and game-play.  If you need to talk to someone in that channel, just use the integrated chat – it still works.

Finally, I have put together a block of code that you can add to your missions to enable the automatic channel change stuff.  I’ll post it in the associated forum.

Enjoy the changes and happy hunting.

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