The US 1154 DayZ server has been updated.  Please check it out.  Its been really busy lately and the changes have really shifted the paradigm.  Oh, and check out our Origins server – GET TO DA CHOPPA at  Like all our servers, we have active admins and enjoy providing these servers as a service to the community!


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US 1154 is updated!

We have updated 1154 up to the new patch, 1.7.7. We are also in the process up staying up with the current BE filters, which most servers I am not sure are aware are being update with out any sort of announcements. So stay tuned and we do apologize for the many restarts over the next few days. Enjoy and if you’re having issues and can’t reach any admins in game make sure you post on the forums and we will get to your issue as soon as we see it. Again thank you for supporting our server!

NC Outfit on Mattherson Server

Recently I just set up a NC Outfit on Mattherson. The NC is a nice change of pace from the TR, and I’ve made a post on the PS2 forums to see if we can get some more players.

As most of you are already aware, some of our members have shown a strong interest in mission editing.  First, let me say that is GREAT news!  In an effort to both encourage it and facilitate their play, I have made changes on the AA server to allow us to play these.  We have also opened up an FTP port to allow members to upload their files to the server.  If you need to get access, hit up

With these changes have come additional improvements – admins will no longer have the ability to bypass the password on the protected channel – this is to help with the immersion on missions and game-play.  If you need to talk to someone in that channel, just use the integrated chat – it still works.

Finally, I have put together a block of code that you can add to your missions to enable the automatic channel change stuff.  I’ll post it in the associated forum.

Enjoy the changes and happy hunting.

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IRC Chat

Come join the chat in IRC. You can join from the website here or join from your favorite IRC client. Quakenet #ApocalypticArmy

Just a few things about the website – 1st, let me thank all of you who have contributed over the last several months by playing, coding, creating artwork, and just hanging out.  It means a lot to me and I think it has been great so far.

I’ve been trying a few things out, like the repository, and adding an about us page.  Please read it and contribute to the comments so I can improve the overall message.  I’d really like to get this right – it’s very important that the About Us page reflects our passions and positions on things.

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For those of you inclined to use six-updater, I have added a local repository for ArmA – specifically for A_Stan_Marines.  You will see that there is a link in the menu – clicking it will launch ‘six and will setup the mods needed for our server(s).  It also sets up Teamspeak (pretty neat) which should make it easier for us to get pubbies in.  Besides the obvious reason (more people) – this also allows me to sign old mods and addons with a local key – permitting us to use v2 signatures.  I know – what are v2 signatures and why do I give a leap?  Well, by having it all signed with v2 sigs, we will ensure everyone has the SAME VERSION of the mod – not just a mod with the same name…  It also gives us a pretty green box in ‘six which should help get people into the server….  I haven’t enabled it on the primary server (only on the test), mostly because anyone who is using A_Stan_Marines needs to use OUR version of A_Stan_Marines in order to get on once I enable it.  So hurry up – you have until Friday (3/15), then we go live.

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I took the time, as many of you may already know, to update the vanilla Ace Insurgency 1.5 to include our local “flavor”.  We have a southern airfield, northern FOB, and the MHQ.  Included of course, is our loadout manager.  Your current loadouts will carryover – so if you need to change it to CQB, do it.

For those of you new to our ACE Insurgency server – there is a walk-through on how to get setup.  We require ACE and ACRE – also you need to be on our teamspeak server.  Its in the banner and over on the right so there’s little excuse for not knowing the address – but just in case, its – default port – no password.

Everyone needs to download the @Fallujah mod/map from whatever source it is you prefer (six-updater works great) in order to play – so lets get it on!

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US1154 Updated.  Make sure you read about the changes to the water system.  You need to boil your water to remove the infection.  Big changes to zeds too.  They will attack vehicles, talk to eachother, hear you chop wood, etc.  Our spectator is broken again, so bear with me over the next week or so.  Details after the break. (more…)