New hosting provider

For people who follow along with such things, we have switched hosting providers again. I think I found one that is really good and can meet our needs. Not only do we have our very own domain, rated A+ by, but I now host my own webmail. Divorcing myself from Google never felt so…. whats the word? Oh yeah, cleansing. I feel like a stench has left me. And it FEELS SO GOOD! No more is big brother looking at all of my, well boring and adolescent content! Let me know if you’re interested in getting down with this.

Oh, I guess I should plug the things I’m using. The site is now hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. Its the right size for the website and mail-server, and costs the same – $10/month for the two droplets. One dedicated to email, and one to the 4 websites I host there (okay 2 websites, with 2 vanity domains). But it could easily manage all 4. The other thing I grabbed was mail-in-a-box. They automate most everything for you. Last, I have moved all the domains to Cloudflare and now I use Cloudflare for my DNS across the board – so much cleaner than GoDaddy or Ionos (used to be 1&1).

I’ve also begun playing around with nginx for rtmp streaming. Right now the project is just local to a Raspberry pi on my desk, but I’ll push it to the cloud later once it is doing everything right. The goal was to simulcast to Facebook Live, Twitch, Vimeo, a file, and to a private website. I want to do it as a snap or a docker, so I’m still plugging away.

For any of you still out there banging away and looking to get down with a good game, hit me up. This COVID thing has got me real squirrelly.