Step 1: Install Six Updater… Not PlaywithSix

Updater DL



Step 2: Open up Six Updater and…

Join 2






Your Six Updater should look something like this once all the mods have finished installing.

Note: You may or may not have @A_Stan_Marines installed on your machine so this icon may not show up. It is not important. If 

you would like to install that mod follow the instructions here.

Also @insurgency is a server side mod only, you can delete it if you prefer but again not important to worry about.

Join 3






Step 3: Right click on “Server Apocalyptic Army ACE/ACRE Insurgency Server – Teamspeak -=ACRE

REQUIRED=- (15)” and follow the instructions in the picture below:

Join 4





Once you have completed all the steps about double click on the newly created icon on your desktop and it will load all the needed 

mods and join you into the AA Insurgency Server. If you have any questions join our Teamspeak server for help.

TS server: (no port required)