Ok all.  No secret here, I have another Teamspeak server and its time to start thinking about the move.  The new Apocalyptic Army hosted one is up and operational.  The only thing left is to get us on it.  I would recommend that you all add a second bookmark for the new one and connect to both until we’re sure everyone has made the move.  You can accomplish this by right clicking the additional server and selecting “Open in new Tab”.  That way if anyone shows up we can point to the new one.  I currently am paying for 2 teamspeaks – the one we use today, provided by Branzone, and another, which is self-hosted at apocalypticarmy.com.  The branzone one has had a few issues where it hasn’t been up and I’m not happy with that.  I have all the same permissions setup there, but I need you guys to pop over to get them applied to you (they will need to get manually done by Echo, Ender, Oswald, or myself.  I hope you all will make the transition smoothly and we don’t lose anyone along the way.

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