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Candidate to replace (and exceed) igiload: [R3F] Logistics 3.0 The only concern I have is that it may be exploitable via having a passenger in the towed vic, and then pushing the towed vic through base walls to glitch inside.

I’d  like to see some “special sauce” added to the DMS missions, like technicals/armed ifrits for the ai to shoot us with. Possibly add alamut rpgs to the loot on the hard variants of these missions, with a very small spawn chance, to help with neutralizing these vehicular menaces.

Also we either need to disable the crates dropping in on the VEMF invasions, or reduce the altitude at which they spawn, as often on coastal invasions they fall into the ocean.

P.S. Delete Dougie’s base in Telos, as per his request.

P.P.S. BEC why you so stupeeeed? We need to get the auto restarts working.

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