Just a few things about the website – 1st, let me thank all of you who have contributed over the last several months by playing, coding, creating artwork, and just hanging out.  It means a lot to me and I think it has been great so far.

I’ve been trying a few things out, like the repository, and adding an about us page.  Please read it and contribute to the comments so I can improve the overall message.  I’d really like to get this right – it’s very important that the About Us page reflects our passions and positions on things.

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I took the time, as many of you may already know, to update the vanilla Ace Insurgency 1.5 to include our local “flavor”.  We have a southern airfield, northern FOB, and the MHQ.  Included of course, is our loadout manager.  Your current loadouts will carryover – so if you need to change it to CQB, do it.

For those of you new to our ACE Insurgency server – there is a walk-through on how to get setup.  We require ACE and ACRE – also you need to be on our teamspeak server.  Its in the banner and over on the right so there’s little excuse for not knowing the address – but just in case, its apocalypticarmy.com – default port – no password.

Everyone needs to download the @Fallujah mod/map from whatever source it is you prefer (six-updater works great) in order to play – so lets get it on!

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US1154 Updated.  Make sure you read about the changes to the water system.  You need to boil your water to remove the infection.  Big changes to zeds too.  They will attack vehicles, talk to eachother, hear you chop wood, etc.  Our spectator is broken again, so bear with me over the next week or so.  Details after the break. (more…)

Ok all.  No secret here, I have another Teamspeak server and its time to start thinking about the move.  The new Apocalyptic Army hosted one is up and operational.  The only thing left is to get us on it.  I would recommend that you all add a second bookmark for the new one and connect to both until we’re sure everyone has made the move.  You can accomplish this by right clicking the additional server and selecting “Open in new Tab”.  That way if anyone shows up we can point to the new one. (more…)

The gauntlet has been thrown.  We are now going to start writing our own ArmA mods.  I have created a github for it.  You can link to it in the Menu above.  or by clicking HERE.  It is my intention to take the insurgency mod and create our own spin on the other popular mission edits.  Including a custom Teamspeak integration that will be Creative Commons – Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.  So anyone can use it, share it and mod it as long as they attribute us.


We now have a live chat page.  Its a simple IRC chat, but it means that its accessible from ANYWHERE if you have an IRC app.  Anyhow – there it is.  I have a “facebook-like” chat system queued up if we want that instead/as well.  The downside to that one – its only available on the website.  The other is available on the interwebs.

All of you who took the time to register and never got the e-mail with your temporary password, please be aware that a setting for the email server was wrong resulting in none of the confirmation emails being sent.

Please try to login again, using the new Facebook login.  If that doesn’t work please email me at admin@apocalypticarmy.com and I will reset it.


We have setup the site to allow each News Post to create a Forum Topic in a subforum.  When composing a news post, you can add the post to the “Mingle Forum”.  You can also add it later by checking the box and hitting update.  (Careful – if you’ve already done it,it will create it again if you check it during an update.)

Oh, and you can choose a subject for FB updates too!  These will land on the AA Page that you all have been liking!

Last, and not least.  To put a (Continue Reading) on a post, press Alt + Shift + T and it will force the user to read everything that follows by clicking the link.  Like this