Discord Live!

In an effort to continue to keep our community together both in and out of game AND in and out of Teamspeak. We are continually looking into avenues to achieve this goal and today I think I can say without a doubt we have found something that works well with our community. Enter Discord. Discord is a chat/voice communication service that offers all of our members the ability to chat while life happens and voice while at our rigs. Although currently we have no plans to switch from Teamspeak to Discord for voice, as we believe it needs to be beefed up just a bit before considering something like that, the chat portion of Discord is beyond rapport. Discord chat gives us the ability to stay in contact with one another through our busy real lives without having the need to be behind our computer screens. So fret no more, join us in Discord and stay connected with us as much, or as little as you wish! Don’t forget to grab the mobile app for iOS and Android as well as the desktop app for Windows, or feel free to just use the web based chat!


Exile Mod

Currently we are hosting a live Exile mod server. We have a stable server and test server we are using to run updates to to fix any known issues and or add new features to. If you find any problems let us know in the forums. Thanks!

US 1154 is updated!

We have updated 1154 up to the new patch, 1.7.7. We are also in the process up staying up with the current BE filters, which most servers I am not sure are aware are being update with out any sort of announcements. So stay tuned and we do apologize for the many restarts over the next few days. Enjoy and if you’re having issues and can’t reach any admins in game make sure you post on the forums and we will get to your issue as soon as we see it. Again thank you for supporting our server!

NC Outfit on Mattherson Server

Recently I just set up a NC Outfit on Mattherson. The NC is a nice change of pace from the TR, and I’ve made a post on the PS2 forums to see if we can get some more players.

IRC Chat

Come join the chat in IRC. You can join from the website here or join from your favorite IRC client. Quakenet #ApocalypticArmy

Looking pretty

Some new updates have been made the Insurgency server ranging from functionality to looks. The most recent of those changes are the latter.  We’ve removed the “Knock Around Guys” squad, aka the Czechs. Made changes the Army squad to look more modern (thanks to Kraze), and inserted a new squad, Force Recon. Hopefully some how this will bring some new players to our server and give the ones who have been playing this mod a fresh look at it. In addition to that if you so please, head over the forums for an even more fresh look at the new changed SF squad, now known as Tier 1 Operators. If you want to see them in a different “light” follow the link and directions provided in this forum post.


Today was the first large-ish gathering of online gaming members of AA. We collected a few weapons, mostly just Fleshwound and Muppet brought a muzzle loader, set up our targets, and fired quite a few rounds at static targets and clays. So we spent the day shooting and pretty much making ARMA and DayZ references all day. (more…)