For those of you inclined to use six-updater, I have added a local repository for ArmA – specifically for A_Stan_Marines.  You will see that there is a link in the menu – clicking it will launch ‘six and will setup the mods needed for our server(s).  It also sets up Teamspeak (pretty neat) which should make it easier for us to get pubbies in.  Besides the obvious reason (more people) – this also allows me to sign old mods and addons with a local key – permitting us to use v2 signatures.  I know – what are v2 signatures and why do I give a leap?  Well, by having it all signed with v2 sigs, we will ensure everyone has the SAME VERSION of the mod – not just a mod with the same name…  It also gives us a pretty green box in ‘six which should help get people into the server….  I haven’t enabled it on the primary server (only on the test), mostly because anyone who is using A_Stan_Marines needs to use OUR version of A_Stan_Marines in order to get on once I enable it.  So hurry up – you have until Friday (3/15), then we go live.

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