I took the time, as many of you may already know, to update the vanilla Ace Insurgency 1.5 to include our local “flavor”.  We have a southern airfield, northern FOB, and the MHQ.  Included of course, is our loadout manager.  Your current loadouts will carryover – so if you need to change it to CQB, do it.

For those of you new to our ACE Insurgency server – there is a walk-through on how to get setup.  We require ACE and ACRE – also you need to be on our teamspeak server.  Its in the banner and over on the right so there’s little excuse for not knowing the address – but just in case, its apocalypticarmy.com – default port – no password.

Everyone needs to download the @Fallujah mod/map from whatever source it is you prefer (six-updater works great) in order to play – so lets get it on!

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