Discord Live!

In an effort to continue to keep our community together both in and out of game AND in and out of Teamspeak. We are continually looking into avenues to achieve this goal and today I think I can say without a doubt we have found something that works well with our community. Enter Discord. Discord is a chat/voice communication service that offers all of our members the ability to chat while life happens and voice while at our rigs. Although currently we have no plans to switch from Teamspeak to Discord for voice, as we believe it needs to be beefed up just a bit before considering something like that, the chat portion of Discord is beyond rapport. Discord chat gives us the ability to stay in contact with one another through our busy real lives without having the need to be behind our computer screens. So fret no more, join us in Discord and stay connected with us as much, or as little as you wish! Don’t forget to grab the mobile app for iOS and Android as well as the desktop app for Windows, or feel free to just use the web based chat!


Exile Mod

Currently we are hosting a live Exile mod server. We have a stable server and test server we are using to run updates to to fix any known issues and or add new features to. If you find any problems let us know in the forums. Thanks!

New theme is still a work in process

I’ve added the forum and a social plugin called buddypress.  This lets you have all sorts of cool functionality, most of which in inaccessible right now.  I also deleted a LOT of accounts.  I’d prefer it if you used facebook to register to the site for now.  I have to delete over 300 bogus accounts to kick this off.  Reregister please.

Same great website – just updated the look and feel.  I hated how my previous theme broke the TS Viewer.  NO MORE!!!   🙂

More great news – we are prepping to add forums back in.  Check in again later.

SO a lot has been going on here lately – I recently updated the ArmA 3 Wasteland server to allow us to use the latest beta.  Please post to the forum if you have trouble connecting – its usually that the server hasn’t been bumped to the latest steam version.

The DayZ US 1154 server has been more stable now that it has been set to 24 hour restarts (8:00 AM Eastern).  It seems the Hive stopped crashing when I did that.

We are all (by all I mean most of us) playing a bunch of Payday 2.  Its a fun thing, in the general model of Left for Dead, with a little bank heist thrown in.  Fun to do.  You should try it.

As a lot of you know, there have been a lot of problems with the server lately.  It keeps hanging on a Internal Hive Error.  When it does, the process will not notify the system it is hung and the restarter will not do anything.  I have to manually kick it over.  I’m not sure WHY this happens, but I am working on it.  Please bear with me.  It seems to happen on server restarts ONLY.

UPDATE:  This appears to be a public hive only issue and is on “their” end.  It is being experienced all over.  It seems to self correct when I restart the entire server (ie hit restart).  More to follow.

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Welcome Shot docS and Dynasty Gaming!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re undergoing a lot of changes around here. We’ve been trying to let everyone know of the changes but everything is happening so rapidly. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t resort to a public post such as this to get us all on the same page in the first place.

As you may notice, one of the major changes we’ve had is to the teamspeak layout. Another rather large change we’ve had is introducing 2 new groups to our teamspeak community, Shot docS and Dynasty Gaming. These two groups will have their own channels within the teamspeak to utilize as they see fit. We’re hoping this merge will get us a larger general community and more people to play games with.

Thank you to everyone for bearing with us during these rapid changes. When it all comes down to it, we prefer to put politics and drama aside and simply get together and play games. That’s what built this community, and that’s what is going to continue to move it forward.

Above all, I believe we owe Jeff (Muppet1856) a huge “Thank You” for providing these resources for us. If it wasn’t for him, we would have nothing. Literally.

Welcome to the community, Shot docS and Dynasty Gaming!